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Where does he stand? The Spain international has been one of the big losers of the managerial upheaval at Real Madrid this year, falling out of favour under current coach Santi Solari. The former Malaga playmaker is making sporadic appearances and is reportedly growing frustrated by his lack of opportunities in a struggling Real team. […]

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Posts should include in depth questions and analytical opinions. Threads like “I like band x, do you?” or “Help me get into band y” don belong here. Please do NOT begin submissions with “DAE” this invites yes/no answers and does not stimulate discussion! If your contribution has been deleted and you feel peeved cheap anti […]

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The transition from cash to being a mostly cashless society is going slowly in the US. At least some people will be shopping with cash in some places for many years to come. If we got rid of the sub value antique coins and streamlined cash transactions, it would save time/money at stores and help […]

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It weird everyone thought the Russian bots we trying to sabotage the republican leaners. Boy were we wrong. If Republicans had their way Russia wouldn be in discussion at all and there would be less division in this country. If i can make that clear. No matter what, you just keep going. Not out of […]

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Under the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959, labor union governance follows democratic principles. If a majority of employees in a workplace support a union, employing entities have a duty to bargain in good faith. Unions can take collective action to defend their interests, including withdrawing their labor on strike. iPhone Cases sale […]

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replica bags from china The men wore the basic uniform of power the business suit but given its cookie cutter slouchiness, all they managed to convey was braying, WrestleMania powerlessness. In particular, for Donald Trump, flushed with bravado and indignation and with a perma pout on his face, the fiery hue of his tie only […]

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Madeline’s Madeline, on the other hand, offers plenty of form challenging cinematic reinvention, this time in the service of a remarkable coming of age film that drills down into the creative process and the politicisation of art and personal expression in the current moment. Co written and directed by Josephine Decker, the New York set […]

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Guys. A japanese player tested. The TA rate from this skill is likely not 3.2 like you get from trium. But blindly charging the enemy trench wasn a constant thing. In fact, that tactic pretty much died out by late 1915. In reality halter bikini set, every army on the Western Front was constantly trying […]